"Here is a poetry so compelling, so vital, that it mesmerizes the reader, engaging us in Parédez's passion for language, for justice, and for her people as she searches for the origins of home and belonging." - Marjorie Agosín

"Like skin, these poems are alive to the touch. Parédez gives me hope for the future of poetry in this country, for the future of young Latinas and Latinos everywhere. Gracias, Deborah." - Martín Espada

"Deborah Parédez's This Side of Skin is full of poems that will get under your skin and work their magic. Her voice is smart, full of surprises, a blending of old myths with new meanings, Latina rhythms and a USA American beat, Spanish and English. These are powerful mixtures. The thread of her song takes us safely through these turbulences and comminglings until we come - to quote her- "to that silence that follows full/of words" - full of her brave and generous insights. I will be listening for her poems for years." - Julia Alvarez